Book Club "Usie"

Tuesday's book club meeting--over FaceTime with a group of teachers and CrossFit friends from southern Delaware--was such a wonderful time! I've Skyped, FaceTimed, and met in person with a lot of book clubs, but this was the first time they gathered around my silly grinning face on the screen to take a group photo. I love it!


I've found every group follows a different format for discussion. Sometimes we focus more on the process of creating and publishing the book, sometimes we discuss the plot, characters, and historical background at length. 

This group decided to answer every single question in my Questions for Discussion (on my book club guide)--possibly because they are teachers! They'd discuss and debate in front of me, and then they'd ask for my take. I love that they made such good use of my guide. 

I hope to visit (perhaps virtually) at least one of your classrooms soon! Hope to "see" you again, ladies!