Slečna M. love in the Czech Republic

Ahoj! Fraulein M. hit the Czech Republic this spring under her Czech title, Slečna M. Isn't that cover beautiful? I would say the most exciting part of this, for me, has been seeing my own name translated to Caroline Woodsová (which I think makes me sound much sexier than I actually am). 

But truly the best part has been watching Czech readers encounter and enjoy the book in their language. So far, the book has been a hit with Czech book bloggers, many of whom have styled the cover in the most beautiful posts on social media: 

Thanks to the timing of the book's release, Slecna M. has even appeared with the Easter bunny, even though, from what I've learned, it's more traditional in the CR to bake a cake in the shape of a lamb...


Slecna M.'s Czech publisher is Fragment, a division of Albatros Media, the largest book publisher in the country. The interesting thing is that Fragment is typically a young adult publisher, and in the US and UK the book is considered an adult title. But I can see how it would work either way--Berni and Grete begin the book as preteens, and most of the action takes place before either of them turns 25. 

Děkuji for the love, Czech readers! Anytime you want me to hop a plane to Prague, I'll be there :)